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The Cut-Out Animation Company is a partnership between animators Alan Rogers and Peter Lang. We started working together about 20 years ago in the animation department of a small west London TV production company, (we were in fact the entire animation department!). The Cut-Out Animation Co was set up in 1985.

Because we use the cut-out animation technique, we can neatly divide the labour into two parts – Alan Rogers creates the artwork, while Peter Lang does the animation. The art department is in St Albans and the animation department is in Reading. The use of computers has made this arrangement work even better.

We write, direct and produce jointly. We mainly produce animation for children’s broadcast television, with the occasional venture into the world of commercials, title sequences or in fact anything that needs moving!



There is no such thing as a typical project! At one extreme a project that is instigated by us will involve us in writing stories, creating characters, storyboards, artwork, animation, directing music, voice-overs and post production, in fact all aspects of programme making. At the other end of the scale, we may be asked to animate an already published picture book. In this case the artwork style and story will already be established, so our role will then be limited to storyboarding the action, recreating the artwork and making it move.

Generally, a project will fall somewhere between these two extremes. Our animations are often a small part of a bigger programme, so after discussing the project’s broader aims with the producer we will suggest appropriate solutions. We then create characters and stories to suit. Finally we may produce the animation without necessarily getting very involved with the post production. But usually, as far as we’re concerned, the wider the original brief, the better!



Home      About us      History      Filmography      What's  New?      Movies      Contacts/Links
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