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Alan Rogers and Peter Lang first worked together in 1979. Previously, Alan had worked on such BBC children's TV series as BOD, THE FLUMPS and OVER THE MOON, while Peter's work included VISION ON, LUDWIG and SESAME STREET.

Our first collaboration was the popular BBC TV series PIGEON STREET. This was followed by the Nursery Rhyme series RUB-A-DUB-DUB for ITV. We set up The Cut-Out Animation Co in 1985.

Since then much of our work has been to produce literally hundreds of animated films for BBC and Channel Four educational programmes, such as WORDS & PICTURES, STARSHIP, NUMBERTIME, STORYTIME, YOU & ME, WATCH, LE CLUB, MATHS MANSION, NUMBER CREW and the BAFTA winning RAT-A-TAT-TAT.

Apart from our own original work, in numerous different graphic styles, we have also animated over 80 books by other children's illustrators as diverse as Babette Cole, Tomie di Paola, Satoshi Kitamura, Nick Sharratt, Tony Ross, Helen Cowcher, Colin West and Jez Alborough.

We made 50 x 1' stories for the popular ITV series ROSIE AND JIM, and an award winning contemporary version of JACK AND THE BEANSTALK for the Kelloggs/Ragdoll Magic Mirror series.

A random selection of other projects includes a series of short animated bumpers for weather forecasts sponsored by LEMSIP. A title sequence for the primetime BBC series NICE DAY AT THE OFFICE, DEAR? A short festival film, FALLING APART. The first episode of a series for 7-12 yr olds, GEORGE THE FISH and an animation for the under-fives, LITTLE GIANTS, based on the set of 8 books by Alan Rogers.


We also produced BONNY, BANANA & MO for the CBeebies series TIKKABILLA.


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  STONE SOUP - Tony Ross
  WHISTLING THORN - Helen Cowcher
  "NOT ME," SAID THE MONKEY - Colin West
  WHERE'S MY TEDDY? - Jez Alborough
  MY MUM & DAD MAKE ME LAUGH - Nick Sharratt
  UFO DIARY - Satoshi Kitamura
  MAGGIE & THE MONSTER - Tomie di Paola
  THE TROUBLE WITH GRAN - Babette Cole